Top 5 digital marketing trends to have an edge in 2018

Digital marketing has earned a lot of fame in 2017 with enormous and medium-sized businesses making their online company and encouraging their facilities and goods through various social media networks and websites. At the upper level, digital marketing denotes to promoting delivered through digital networks such as search engines, sites, social media, email, and mobile applications.

To make things easier for you, I have studied and compiled a list of some of the most reliable digital marketing trends for the year 2018 that should be your focus in order to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns

1. Augmented Reality moves beyond gaming

Pokémon Go and some similar apps proved that consumers are ready for augmented reality. Next year will see more brands coming out with Augmented Reality related products and applications. Virtual Reality technology is yet to be truly democratized, but it already has massive marketing potential to expand storytelling and take people closer to experiences than ever before.

2. Marketers start to use their own data in advertising

The world where you separate advertising from other customer communication is becoming a thing of the past. You need to start combining these two to serve the customer on his or her customer journey to reach the experience they are expecting from a brand of today. This is where new technologies, such as DMPs, play a significant role.

Strongly linked to this is the exponential increase in programmatic advertisement buying. When marketers start to use their own data in advertising, the buying is always carried out programmatically and run by the company’s own buying desk or external agencies.

New capabilities, roles, and way of working are needed as the customer experience runs your business and where data has become the glue in your operations. Some capabilities need to be implemented within organizations while others can be outsourced to new types of agencies. The change is not easy, but it is crucial to any company that aims to be a pioneer in data-driven marketing and advertising.

3. The Rise of Mobile Devices 

Nowadays desktop is totally replaced by mobile users. The Google has announced the mobile first indexing which definitely states that mobile will dominate desktop totally in few years. The rise in mobile usage has clearly shown it is more than just a trend. After giving so many years of importance to desktop now you have prioritized mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly make sure that it is, mobile website and optimization should be a top priority for digital marketer in 2018. Well, it was somehow the same case in 2017 also but now with the help of JIO this trend is on the rising level.

4. Live Video Streaming: The Social Network

Live chat option is at back foot now; people are giving more importance to live video chats. Facebook has launched live video streaming feature and this feature is free for users who have their account on Facebook. This idea is to make the user feel more genuine and to be more interactive. Promote yourself or your brand when going online it provides more personal interactions with consumers. To deliver live experience company need to adopt technology and through which it can respond in the moment and that matter most to the customer which is a win-win situation for both customer and company.

 5. Content Marketing: Back to the Future

Creating a unique, structured and consistent content is the crucial part of the pitch. Visual content always plays an important role in content marketing; in 2018 it is going to be more “precise, catchy and interesting” and will be more customers centric rather than conceptual. With the increase of content writers, there is a genuine increase in the only quality focused writers. Infographic is going to play a pivotal role. We like videos and salespersons agree it brings max ROI, mobile video will be the warmest trend which you can assume to see this year. Though we have seen a growth in video promotion from 2015, this year it will entirely take off and will carry on to be an essential promoting method. The active nature of the content is what you have to acknowledge, great story of your business is just more than a case study to make your voice heard before you are lost in the echo.

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