INBOUND MARKETING: The New Orange in Marketing

What Is Inbound Marketing?

  • Inbound marketing is the most trending and effective way of marketing nowadays. Putting digital skills & strategies into implementation will create far more viewers and leads than outbound marketing.

How it works?

  • Inbound marketing believes in creating demand. Main agenda of inbound marketing is to attract crowd by flaunting the best features of their product.
  • Unlike outbound marketing where the purpose is to “Approach Crowd”, in inbound it’s  the other way round it emphasis on “Attract Crowd”.
  • Marketers believe attracted customers are more likely to convert into good leads as they choose to be your customers. Thus, you indirectly achieve your targeted audience.
  • But, the question arises how to target correct customers where to display our product’s features? Well, the answer is very simple and the era of digitalization makes it more obvious. All Social Media, E-mail providing portals and the Search Engines is the answer.
  • Go ahead, start a digital campaign, make a comprehensive strategy, learn all tools and techniques to boost your marketing skills. Throw an invisible net on all social platforms where there is a crowd of billions and pull out your targeted audience.

Life Cycle of a targeted person.

  • There are 4 stages in this life cycle. There are verbs associated with each level of Life-Cycle.
  1. Attract Viewers: The very first step to get customers through inbound marketing on any social media is by attracting them to our product or service. To do this create a tantalizing post may be a very impressive image or catchy video, which can get your viewers gazing at your post for some time. Post this content on correct platform and at correct time. To get maximum views.
  2. Convert Lead: Once you get the correct viewers. Your next step is to convert them into leads. This can be done by getting their contact details on landing page, this helps both the parties as viewers get to know insights of what they are looking for. On, the other hand the marketers get their leads. Now, they can emphasis more on the leads and an audience oriented marketing begins
  3. Close Customers:At this stage the leads are closed as valuable customers. At this latter part of marketing different tools are used like automated marketing, email marketing, customer nurturing, social media monitoring, feedback and assistance.
  4. Delight Promoters: Once all the above stages are performed well and desired output is obtain. Than you can say that your customer is satisfied and happy to have you in their service, you can entertain this queries and can provide them acknowledgement of your new product and update if any. This will portray you care for them even after you have had the payment and the deal is closed. This, will automatically lead to mouth publicity which is very powerful.

Nine Ways to Create Leads

  1. The Appearance
  • Viewers judge your potential by your website’s UI. So make sure you create and a dynamic and impressive websites.
  • Keep the viewers engaged fro the very beginning. Maintain relatedness of between the posts and the website.
  • Don’t go round and twirl them about the environment and philosophy get straight to the point. Bring what they are seeking first.

      2. What is Inside?

  • A beautiful showroom without quality of products will never make profit. People will leave the showroom in the same speed they have entered in.
  • So once they are in your on-line premises make sure your product is catchy enough to keep them there for long.
  • Write precise and meaningful content on your website.
  • Constantly try to flaunt the best features of your product and the way it differs from rest in market. This will automatically generate high quality content and will restrain you from loosing originality.
  1. SEO
  • Remember your are not in an essay writing competition, so don’t display the knowledge of vocabulary while writing content of the website.
  • People don’t like to keep their minds interpreting what you write. So chose simple lay man language which is easy to comprehend.
  • Know tending words to get on top of search engine results. This is where SEO comes into picture


  • Search engine Optimization plays a very crucial role in getting most leads. People generally visits the sites which are on the top search of search engines.
  • Invest your time in creating optimized content to get on top of search results.
  • Use Google Trends and Feedle to get latest trending words related to your web site’s content.
  • Target areas like:
  1. Page title
  2. Header
  3. URL
  4. Image tags and
  5. Body Copy

Note: Find out difference between SEO and SME

4. Web + Seminars

  • Who doesn’t like to get knowledge of the areas they are interested in. That too in free.
  • So create This will help you really analyze which kind of audience is actually interested in your product or service. Plus you innocently get their contact details at the time of enrollment.
  • Choose the topic and its conveying method wisely. Use innovative and interactive methods like videos or a 5 minute online quiz or game etc.


  • Webinars should not be boring lectures, or else people will leave it mid-way.
  • Though non-boring lectures doesn’t guarantee potential leads until there in no good vital lively voice to guide them through the entire webinar. So choose the speaker wisely.
  1. SMM
  • Every social media has millions of users using it on daily basis.
  • Thus making marketers to apply their skills in Social Media Marketing.
  • With a comprehensive strategy, you can start your social media marketing campaign.
  • The number of likes, shares, comments don’t guarantee that number of leads. But it can spread the word of your existence very fast. People will start knowing and following you.


  • Post related meaningful fresh content twice or thrice a week to get people engaged on line.
  • Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ has millions of users you are sure to get your type of audience.
  • Once you get them tailor your marketing strategy keeping them in mind.
  1. They must be watched
  • Your work doesn’t end here. Keep an eye on the type of engagements happening on your post on line.
  • Read all the comments and conversation, infer what people think about your product what they like or dislike about it. Evolve accordingly.
  • Media Marketing Tools can be very helpful, to analyze in a statistical way. This will speed up your analysis and will give accurate results.

marketing tools


  1. Biography Works!
  • You are working hard to serve the best. So, let the viewers know about it.
  • Display what all goes goes in to bring out the masterpiece.
  • Bring the designing team and developing team on stage. Let them speak the minutest details and beauty of their designed and developed product.
  • Add videos of flaunting the products add automated slide shows to display of they are too many.

video marketing

  • Having such videos at the first page of your site, catches many eye-balls and viewers gets impressed easily.
  1. Landing Pages and CTAs
  • With increasing digitalization the patience to wait has decreased immensely.
  • Don’t go round-n-round and twirl the viewers on your page.
  • Bring them what they are looking for first. They shouldn’t be seeking their related area on your huge website.
  • So the landing page should be related to their search.
  • Make it look attractive yet simple.

call to action

  • Don’t write thesis at all, use interactive images or moderate size videos to convey the details.
  • Don’t expect your viewers to note down your contact details and contact you later. Your availability should be just a click away.
  • This is where “Call-to-Action” button comes into picture.
  • Provide buttons like “Call us now”, “Write us”, “Book an Appointment”, “Reserve seats” etc.
  • This will boost the amount of leads you are getting.
  1. No Ambiguity
  • Be crystal clear about your objective at the very first post, add or homepage of your website.
  • No Columbus Scenario should happen (Left for India, reached America). Viewers should get what they are searching for, if you don’t have what they want don’t show up. As, this can impact your social reputation.
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