How you can rank your business on local map?

Do you own a local business? Then you might be aware of the challenges that you have to face. Local map results are very important for local business to generate more leads. Google search engine will be extremely beneficial for local business. It will help you to rank your business on local map.
Local SEO focuses on improving search result rankings within specific geographic location. If I search for “Carpet cleaners in Temecula,” Google provides a specific search result based on my geographic location.

The prime local search ranking real estate is within local map pack. These appear at the top of the search results page above the organic listings. (Shown in above image).

Google used to display 7 local results in the map, before 2016. But today, they only display three. (Sample shown in figure above)
Relying on the business location, the local spot will be extremely competitive. Still, business owners overlook importance of the business listing optimization. This makes competition easy for proactive and well informed.

How Google determine the local ranking?
Local results will be based mainly on relevance, distance and prominence. These components will be encapsulated to help the best match for your search. For instance, Google algorithm’s might decide that a business that’s further away from your location is more likely to have what you’re looking for than a business that’s closer, and therefore rank its higher in local results.
# 3 major local ranking signal are:
1. Relevance
2. Distance
3. Prominence
Although the guidelines are indefinite, they just indicate the importance of building trust.
First of all, if you have not claimed your business on Google, here are step-by-step guide how to bring your business on Google.

How to claim your business on Google?
1. Visit and create a Google business account.

Once you are logged in, you can you can search by business address, business name in the search box.
A search list will appear on the desktop in a list as well as on the local map, and then from the list you can select the business you want to claim.

If do not found the result you are looking for, then simply click “Add your Business.” Then you need to select business type: Services (taxi, carpet cleaning, pharmacy etc.) or brand (product, brand, causes, etc.).

The next step is verification.
You need to verify to Google that the business for you are claiming is really yours. Then you will receive a verification mail, this may take 1-2 weeks, and once you have entered the code into your account, then you will get the access and you will able to manage your local business information on google.

Now let’s see how to get full benefit of Google maps. Bringing your business on Google Maps is not only the thing your business needs, after coming on Google Maps your business should rank in such a position that you can get enough business through it. Moreover, when someone search on google Maps your business listing should hit in front of their eyes.
Have you noticed a recent shift in Google’s local search results? Columnist Joy Hawkins shares everything you need to know about the ‘Hawk’ update, which seems to have killed some of the changes we saw with Possum.

# Let’s see Google ranking factors:
Google Maps ranking are based on Proximity and industry categories; new factors are being included by Google in calculation of ranking. This is an advantage for the owners with small business because they always face huge competition by the large corporations and companies. There are many techniques, you can apply to increase your business rank and promote your business on Google Maps.

  1. Verify your business page information.

 If you share your proper information, the Google will know you more. The better it knows you, the better it will be able to correctly display your business listing online. So make sure your listing is complete and accurate including:

  • Contact details and website:

Give all important contact information’s including your address, telephone number and website so that Google can display accurate information as much as possible.

  • Business timings:

Google Maps also indicate that the business is currently open or closed or it’s opening or closing soon to the customers. It drives potential customers to your business, if business timing will be added to you listing.

  • Avoid duplicate information:

Google discredit’s businesses with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for same business. Weed out the superfluous and make sure all information written is accurate.

2. Get Google reviews.

User reviews shows trustworthiness to a business, and google has seen that fact by ranking business with a high volume of good reviews higher on Google maps. Be clear that, once you open up your business for reviews then never look back. As if Yelp has control over what people say, you will not have control over what people say, so you may have both reviews, positive and negative. Check out this post how to get more business from Google and Yelp reviews.

Still it’s not doom and gloom. Unless your service is truly atrocious, negative reviews, bad reviews, statistically speaking, tend to be far and few in-between. To begin with, copy your review link. Share your review link on social media platforms to encourage people for reviews. We have one more option: you can create a landing page on your website that drives directly to yours google maps listing review page.

You can also get boost if your trusted customers write reviews for you. Positive reviews will be enough to instantly boost up your rankings.

3. Categorize your business.

At the beginning, when you create Google Map Listing, you have the options of adding “keywords” to describe your business. Many of business owners do not know that they can add up to five additional categories. The tip is you should use all five of these. Set you primary additional category as your main classification for your business.

(Ex: carpet cleaning, taxi services), while the remaining five categories should incorporate local SEO keywords that act as additional descriptors (ex: Temecula carpet cleaning, Paradise taxi services).

4. Insert a Google map on your website.

Inserting a Google Maps on your website will also help you to rank higher on Google Maps. This strategy is applied by many businesses; they embed their site on contact page. It’s just a way indicating Google that your business is located where your listing says. Use the same address that you have on your Google My Business listing.

To insert a Google Map on Website, search for your business name in Google Maps. Then click on the three lines next to your business name and click” Share or Embed Map” as shown in the photo. Copy and paste the link on your business’s contact page.

5. Optimize the listing description.
Google Map listing has a character limit, including unwanted and excess description is worthless, you should include local SEO keywords that relates your business. For example, “carpet cleaning in Bakersfield with best rates” or something similar.

6. Use local telephone number.
Google looks down for toll-free numbers because these types of numbers are frequently used for spam. Including local telephone numbers shows that your business is a brick and mortar location in the area.
This is the reason you should be using a local telephone number with an area code that matches your location. There is no-problem in using toll-free number, but if you want to rank higher on Google Map ranking, use a local number for your Google listing.

7. Add photo to the listing.
The best and easiest way to stand out on Google Maps is to add photo to your Google My Business listing. Select a nice photo of your business that is on your website. You can also add multiple photos.
If you have a Google listing, make sure that you have all of these things in order to get Google putting your business on the first page of Google Maps.

So I’ve covered a lot in this post on how to rank your Google My Business Page. Make sure you also do your listing on Google My Business Page. It has many advantages, you can get enough business once you get your business listing is done and can get enormous opportunities once you rank in top #3.

If you have any questions, you can contact us below.

Until then, optimize!

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