How to manage mulitple wordpress website hosting through cpanel

In this blog, we are going to use GoDaddy Linux cpanel hosting account.

1. Login to your cpanel account.


2. If you are using linux hosting with cpanel, you will get following categories.

– Files

– Preferences

– Databases

– Web applications

– Domains

– Email

– Metrices

– Security

– Software

– Advanced

3. Now check options available in Web Applications category.


4. Now click on View more label available near Web Applications. You will reach to installatron page.



What is Installatron ? Click here to know.

Here you can see following apps for building cms website, blogs, applications etc.

5. Content Management Systems (CMS) are applications use for managing dynamic content for website

All CMS applications have the ability to manage news or blogs and all include a templating system that allows the appearance/style of web pages to be controlled. The more advanced applications can include a near endless list of additional features, including: categories; commenting; user logins; polls; statistics; file managers; FAQ managers; and so on.

CMS applications generally fit into the Blogs, CMS, Portal and Framework categories:

Blogs (also known as weblogs), CMSs, Portals (modular features that can be added into a standard three-column page layout), and Frameworks (do-it-yourself systems).

Now click on WordPress icon under CMS category. You will get following page.


6. Now click on button ( + install this application ) available on right side and follow the steps shown below.




7. Click on Install button and everything is done. WordPress will install with default theme.


Enjoy your wordpress website.

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