Business on Social-Board – The 2Ws and 9 DOs is the answer

The 2Ws

  1. What is Facebook Business Page?
  • Unlike Facebook profile. Facebook Business Page is an open business profile. It gives your business an exposure to the market of 2 million potential customers.
  • It differs from normal user profile on the features like “Insights”, “Publishing tools” etc., plus no one needs to send request in order to follow the page.
  • So, if you want to spread correct awareness and want oriented impactful branding of your business in minimal time and at zero cost. Than Facebook Business Page is your search-stop.
  • Make sure you only create Facebook Business Page and not any other personal user profile. Having more than one user profile is against Facebook’s term service.

Create Business page

  1. Why Facebook Business Page?
  • This page can be viewed by both Facebook users and non-Facebook users. You can also link it to your company’s website. Thus Facebook business page eradicates all the hurdles of limited exposure to your business.
  • Moreover, when your Facebook Page accumulates 25+ followers/fans you get a customized URL from Facebook.
  • As Facebook pages are indexed by the search engines, it does more efficient search engine optimization which leads to more cross promotion in other social and email marketing channels.
  • All these for free adds a cherry on the pie. All you need to do is to create an effective and impressive FB Business Page.

Though Facebook has facilitate with features which would enhance your business page in the simplest ways possible, it is not merely a cake-walk. Easy things should be done meticulously, if not, the thought of benefit can turn into a real blunder.

Thus, to get noticed through Facebook business page, a comprehensive strategy is must. Your page should have enough potential to convert a viewer to a lead and a lead to a customer. This motive brings the scenario which demands perfect description of your company, correct photos, graphics, and correct posts on correct time, proper promotion and helping feedbacks.

Below are the 9 points which will guide you an exposure to Facebook business.

  1. Get recognized.

Just like we recognize humans by their face and name, similarly your company should get recognized by its logo and its name.

Upload a high resolution image of your company’s logo(keeping profile picture dimensions in mind) as the profile picture of your business page.

Next comes your cover photo, while selecting cover photo always keep in mind “LESS IS MORE”, keep it simple yet impressive.

Profile picture - cover photo

People read images faster than they read texts and your cover photo holds pretty good dimension of your business page. So, it’s a must to have a catchy yet non-irritating cover photo. Your cover photo should tantalize your viewers to know more about your company. A tag line can act as a teaser to quench more about the company but it’s not mandatory.

  1. Describe
  • Ok! So now you have a perfect profile picture and perfect cover picture. Next comes the “About” A company without its description looks like an imaginary land, as no one knows where it exists, when it came into existence, who owns it, etc.
  • Thus filling “About” section is must. Make sure you add your: –

About section

  1. Location: – it helps local people to find you out on globe and meet you personally if they want.
  2. E-mail address: – Your e-mail address should have appropriate name, avoid using your personal id. Make a new e-mail id and share its credentials to reliable employees of your company.
  • Contact Number: – which is available and attainable most of the times, so you don’t miss any calls from your viewers.
  • Now, all other fields are not that mandatory so choose wisely what you want to put up as your description exclude everything else. Upload about your company’s mission, your company’s story, milestone achieved along with month and year.
  • Be confined try to put everything in a nutshell yet descriptive This will help your viewers to obtain familiarity with your system.
  • Make sure you are describing your company. SELF-PRAISING IS A BIG NO NO. Leave praising for your customers.
  1. Hold your viewers
  • By this we mean, try to keep your visitors engaged on your page. Once you are done with your introduction start your promotion and marketing. This can be obtained by posting humorous yet relatable posts.
  • Here being relatable means related to company’s or business description you have given in “About” section. Say for example, describing about the gymnasium and its importance in “About” section and posting about cheese cake will lead you nowhere.
  • So to emphasis correctness and relatedness to the posts, you can give Business Page access only to those who are reliable and have undergone appropriate training of Social Media Marketing. You can do this by assiging Page Roles to the eligible employees.
  • Posting content on social media is an art, one must master it to get most likes, comments and shares. But, even the correct content is all vain if not uploaded on correct time, find out when maximum of your viewers are online and accordingly schedule your post/s at that time to get desired response.


  • Keep in mind no one likes to get acknowledged of same the updates again and again. So your posts should not be a monotonous & boring notification for your viewers and followers. Post fresh and interesting things about your company, it’s not mandatory to post daily but whenever you do make sure it’s effective and impressive.
  • Not posting for few long time is also a drawback. Your viewers may lose interest in your company thinking that you don’t have interesting things happening in your business. So, balancing posts with good frequency and good content is must.
  • As mentioned above, people read images faster than they read texts. Add creativity to your posts by uploading interactive images and moderate length videos on your page. Remember few seconds of visualization is far impactful than thesis of description. So invest your time in creating good graphics and high resolution impactful pictures and videos.

Related impressive post

  1. Monitor
  • Just posting content is not enough. After you post anything keep track who is engaging into it. Like is it attracting youngsters or a specific gender, its attracting kids or adults or professionals of specific type?
  • This will help you to do an audience oriented marketing and later on you will post keeping such audiences in mind.
  • To do this click on the “BULL-EYE” button at the bottom of the post and set metrics for both preferred audience and ones whom you don’t want the post to be visible.


  1. The “What’s Next?” Button
  • Good going readers!! So now you have your brand logo, a pretty good description and you post awesome things which brings many like shares and comments. But what’s next? You aren’t here to get engagements merely, are you?
  • Let’s assume that the viewer visits and likes your page, follows you and is interested to get service from you. What he/she should do next? Copy your number to the phone directory to contact you or should he/she send you an e-mail?
  • The answer is NO. Because, this brings drop in the pace of viewers seeking your service you. You should be click away from them. Well, for this Facebook provides the Add a Button functionality also known as Call-to-Action button. Using this you can create buttons like “Sign Up”, “Book an Appointment”, “Call Us Now”,” Reserve Seats” etc. Whatever functionality you want to happen next should be just a click away from viewers.
  1. Important Thing First!
  • Not every latest post is the most important one and with every new post older ones get pushed down.
  • Some post are supposed to be seen first. To make this happen Facebook provides the “Pin” functionality. To pin a post to the top you need to click the drop down menu of the desired post and select “Pin to Top” and you are done. Your desired post will always appear first.
  • Remember you can have only one pinned post at a time.

pin to top

  1. Chit-Chat
  • Some viewers don’t find it comfortable to ask you things publicly so to make them approach you, open up the channels like “Private Messages” through messenger.

Messenger symbol

  • Also show your engaged audience that their comments are read and thought upon, reply them on their comments. While, this does not mean to reply every single comment but be responsive when needed.
  1. Time to “Flaunt My Company”
  • Yes! Now that your page is on its full fledge. Ready to solve all your purposes for which you brought your business on social board. It’s time to let people know who you are. So, advertise yourself.
  • Facebook will fulfil your this requirement also. Click on “Create Ad” from the 3 dots menu above and Facebook will initiate creation from scratch. Select the type of advertisement you want like reach traffic or general awareness etc., than select “Continue”.

create ad

  • Once your target audience is selected, Facebook will ask you where on Facebook you want to post your advertisement and how much is your budget (Know more about paid Ads here). Select this wisely it should be reasonable enough and at the same time effective and impactful.
  • Facebook may also ask you for some attractive assets and copy. Remember you are paying for your advertisements so everything you submit should be capable enough to bring desired profit out from your investment.
  1. Time for Results.
  • After you have created, described, posted, connected and advertised your business. Wait, and let things happen. Later you can get a report on How well have you done in bringing your business on social network. Though there are many tools available like Social Media Reports Tools to get this report. Facebook provides with one too.
  • You can go and check your Page’s Insights there you will find metrics of different type of engagements. Type of audiences engaging with your page. After a threshold, you may also get a demographics of the audience engaging in your page and in your different posts.

Insights to get report

  • This is very helpful to create the next strategy of marketing , targeting the correct audiences and overcoming the loop holes if any or changing the existing strategy to evolve from good to better and from better to probably best.
  • Well, always remember there are always rooms for improvement.
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