Advanced SEO Tips 2017 Fresh add ons for higher ranking

SEO is ever changing science, so better keep learning and keep updating your site for better ranking. We know everything has to be swift, optimized and simply the best nowadays. So, without wasting much of your time we will quickly go through the brief description of SEO, and then we will plunge into latest updates.

SEO in a Nutshell

Content mentioned below are for those who have decent awareness of SEO and its various techniques. If you are new to SEO. You can read our article “Search Engine Optimization- A Persistent Effort towards the top”.


  • A technique to get better ranking of your website in a search engine.
  • Helps in creating more leads, increases more online engagements in the business.
  • A very promising  technology for successful business on the internet medium.

Before knowing the latest updates on SEO, please explore “On-Page & Off-Page SEO- Two Complementary Methods” if you haven’t yet.

Take Care Of:

  • Changing algorithms of search engines, and design your optimization strategy accordingly.
  • Content, Content is the king of your entire website. “What is seen first is sold first”. Master the art of relevant and attractive content writing.
  • The competitors, keep an eye on their work. You may not need to follow them but at-least you should have idea of what is going on in your business market.
  • Links, whether external links, internal links or backlinks. Every link should be analyzed remove the unnecessary one, keep those who either help your business or helps the search engine to find you faster.
  • Usability and user-friendly UI. No one will take a tour of your website, so display correct things at correct area.

Latest Tips for Better Ranking

As per the latest research in the field of SEO.  New add-on which can boost your ranking on search engines mentioned below.

  1. Mobile Optimization
  • In early 20s Desktop converted to a window through which we can explore the entire web. The technology which spread like fire was known as Internet. Everything went online, whether it’s e-commerce, e-education, personal/professional profiles, web applications etc.
  • Now, with advancement in science, everyone has a smartphone. Mobile phones is more need than a want. People got access to the internet from their mobile phones.
  • And whatever they want to search was just a swipe away in their smartphones.
  • A recent study shows 51.3% searches are done on mobiles.
  • Thus, mobile search optimization is a demanding updating in SEO.
  • A famous Search Engine Google, has recently used mobile-first-index. Earlier it used to crawl through websites of the business, now it has also taken mobile version of sites into consideration.
  • Learn more about Mobile Optimization.
  1. Voice Search
  • Search engine has broken all the barriers for providing best search results. Now, if  you want to search something you are definitely not expected to write your query just record your query and hit it on search engines.
  • There was 35% increase in voice search in 2008.  In last five years, voice recognition accuracy has increased from 95% to 99% accuracy can be a game changer.
  • Thus according to the survey, there will b a time where voice search may overtake write & search pattern. So it’s better to stay prepared for it.
  • Implement  Voice Optimization for better ranking.
  1. Intentional link
  • When you start creating content for your website, you spend 70% of your time in content writing and 30% of time in deciding proper internal external links.
  • Well, this ratio gets reversed, when an external website visits yours. So make such visitors feel you value them and their content. Mention them at correct place with good relevance.
  • This may contribute in getting backlinks which will increase your ranking.
  • This may lead search engine algorithm to encounter your web-page on several other web pages. This will portray that you have more relevant content in your webpage.
  • Thus, focus more on links. But, keep in mind your rank will increase only if you provide good link at relevant place. A website filled with bad links or irrelevant links will contribute in losing the good rank.
  • So, invest your time in Link Building Campaign.
  • To ensure quality link building you must use a quality tool too. If you’re building links and targeting long tail keywords it’s important to have in mind that this work is time-consuming and sometimes very hard., which can be a huge time saver and also will automate your process and give you the exact link building game plan for any target website.
  1. Rich answers
  • This is where a study on competitor’s website comes into work.
  • To stand out you should know what is common. Go find it out, then pitch more innovative way to answer the same query keeping optimization and relevance to mind.
  • Don’t end after solving the answer. Give additional information if the content is not that obvious to beginners. Yes, it can add to irrelevant content. But you can always create a question in your content and can provide the link to the answer. It’s better to have link of your website as the answer. You can provide in-depth knowledge there. This will indirectly contribute in interested viewers spending more time on your website and thus increasing your ranking.
  1. Optimize URL
  • It is advisable to use, shorter URL. Choose important keywords as content of your URL. This will increase your accuracy in search results.
  • Secondly, you can avoid using backslashes, that means don’t create a linear nesting of content from one folder to under. This will push your main content deep in your website. Search engines usually try to find easily accessible data.
  1. Local optimization
  • People ask almost everything on internet. Example: – Nearest restaurant, nearest multiplex, doctors, hospital, store. So, it’s better to add a local identity to your online website.
  • There is no sense if you are ranking high on a virtual environment, but people find you unreachable in real. Local optimization will bring you more engagers because of the surety that service providing company exists in their locality.
  1. Use experience
  • Just the content thrown anywhere in your site, will not do. Viewers don’t like messed things and everything shown at same place.
  • Concentrate on a good UI and easy navigation between all the sections and pages of your website.
  • This will increase viewers stay on your website. Website design actually creates an image of the service provider. It’s the face of your company’s capability and its potentials. Make sure it plays well.
  • Make responsive website if possible. Static ones are too old and not so user friendly. Add CTRs wherever required. This will convert your viewers into good leads.
  1. Write longer contents
  • Though this sounds contradicting to the relevant and correct content. But being long doesn’t mean to be boring and lost focused.
  • Focus on detailing. Find when to raise a topic and when to summarize.
  • People often close the website, if detailing is missing.
  • So, understand what a non-professional will think of your business, how much detailing does he/she needs and write accordingly.
  • A webpage can easily go above 2000 words for a good ranking. But, the writer should know the art of being catchy.

Those, were super 8 new topics that need to cover in 2017 SEO campaign. So, go ahead and implement them if you haven’t and increase your ranking.

Thank You for reading this, to explore other tools and technologies of Digital Marketing read our Next Blog “Necessary tools for Digital Marketing”.

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