23 Must know Instagram marketing tips for Expert Marketers

Want to improve your Instagram marketing?

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Instagram is a fast-growing platform and businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network.

Here are 23 tips, that will really help you in your marketing strategies:

instagram marketing tips

1) Start liking photos

One of the preliminary and best ways to increase followers is by starting to like photos. Like all the photos which you feel you should appreciate. By doing so, you start developing trust among the followers, you respond to their views and respect them by doing so. Continue this practice, and it is definite that your followers will increase.

2) Start commenting on people’s photos

Liking photos is a good practice but commenting on them is the best practice. Comment on your friends photos, let it be natural and relevant. Commenting is the best way to appreciate someone’s work. This will bring a massive increase in the followers after a period of time.

3) Add comments , questions and CTA’s (Call to Action) to your photos

Although Instagram is meant for photos, we should not forget the power of words. Captioning your pics with witty, humorous and unique comments will impress your followers and also gain new. People are always attracted by clever comments rather than the pic itself.

4) Post regularly but not too often

Just by liking or commenting on photos, you cannot expect people to follow you. You need to post regularly. But again not in excess. You don’t want the followers to get fed up by your increasing number of posts. Let the number be crisp.

5) Post at the correct time of the day

You might with be an incredible pic, very witty and beautiful too. But if you post this pic at wrong time, when there are less chances of people checking Instagram, then you limit the number of people who get to see it and significantly reduce the increasing number of followers.

6) Give shoutouts

Another technique for gaining followers is to get shoutouts, and the best way to do this is to give shoutouts yourself. However, a shoutout will also cause a lot of people to unfollow. But sometimes, risking is better than not doing it all.

7) Consider choosing theme for your account

If you stick to a particular theme, then your account can get maximum followers. Select theme which is easily relatable to people and which interests them. People posting about their own life cannot gain much followers since the audience is not so much interested in others life unless you have a particularly interesting account.

8) Pick a good username and profile pic

Your username and profile pic are the second thing you need to decide on when creating account. These things can attract followers and engage them. If you have appreciable pics and caption but boring username then people won’t try to check your account.

9) Fill in your bio section

Bio section is one of the tools where people decide whether to follow you or not. Bio section is the first thing they would want to check. Hence don’t leave it empty.

10) Find friends to follow

Go to the settings section of your user page and tap on the “Find People to Follow” option. Here you can import friends from your Facebook page and phone contacts. The more followers you already have, the more followers you gain.

11) Sync your Instagram account with other social networks.

If you are an avid user of multiple social networks, then it’s a good practice to sync your Instagram account with as many of them as possible. This will help you increase your social network.

12) Use relevant tags

There are two schools of thought when it comes to using tags – some people believe that you should attach as many tags as possible in order to maximize the amount of people who see their photo, while others believe you should stick to just 2 or 3 relevant tags. This may vary with different pics, you may choose any of them which suits your picture.

13) Use the most popular tags

Using few trending tags will make your account eye catching. It will increase account’s visibility and likes too.

  • For example, if you’re posting a picture of an animal or baby your photo will probably get a lot more likes if you use #cute (one of the all-time most popular Instagram tags) instead of tags like #adorable or #sweet – although, if you want you could just use all three!

14) Use the Tag for Likes page

TagsForLikes is an extremely popular app which speeds up the tagging process and maximizes the number of likes your posts get. It works by allowing you to copy and paste a list of 20 to 30 tags which are popular and trending that day. Using something like this will prove to become a boon to you for increasing followers.

15) Create your own hashtag

Sometimes the popular hashtags may not be pertinent to your content. Then it’s okay to make your own hashtag too. Arty, innovative hashtags always makes you stand apart.

  • For example, if the theme of your account is baking and you love to post pictures of cute cupcakes and other delicious treats, you could make your personal tag #cupcakechick or something similar.

16) Geotag your photos

Geotag means including the location where the photo was taken. Instagram can do this automatically when GPS is enabled

For example, you visited a restaurant not too famous among people and you found the food mouth watering. Geotagging the photo will not only the make the restaurant famous but also increase your followers. People will expect more such photos from you.

17) Take relatable photographs

It is a very fundamental law that people will always like to follow you if they find your posts relatable to them. Hence try posting very unique and relatable photos.

Again choosing the appropriate theme here plays an important role.

18) Use natural lighting as much as possible

This is also an important aspect of photography. Since Instagram is 90% photos, it is good to get on with few photography tips. Try to take photos in as much as natural light. The time after sunset and before sunset is considered as the best time to capture some really worthy photographs. Good photographs are even possible after that, when it gets dark but make sure you have sufficient light falling on the frame and you are good to go.

19) Aim for perfect frame

This is the second tip. As far as it is possible maintain symmetry. Whether you are shooting for a face or building or landscape, see that there is perfect symmetry. Another option is- follow the rule of 1/3rd. It looks classy and the human eye loves it.

20) Keep it simple

If you’re taking a picture of an object – like a teacup or an old record – make sure it is set against a plain background. If the background is too busy it will take focus away from the subject of your shot.
21) Use interesting perspectives

Try to take photographs from unusual perspective. It becomes eye catching if something is unique or bizarre, obviously in a good sense. It will compel people to study your photo in order to appreciate it.

22) Download some photo collage apps
Photo collage apps – such as InstaCollage or PicStitch – allow you to combine multiple photographs into a single post. But make sure it does not look messy. This way you can include much information or items in a single post.

23) Reply to the comments

After posting the pics, make sure you reply to the comments you receive. Replying late to them or not replying at all will disappoint the followers.

Few famous insta accounts which has massive number of followers

-> Everyone’s favorite Victoria’s secret (https://www.instagram.com/victoriassecret/) and Nike (https://www.instagram.com/nike/) and many more have taken huge feats with successful strategy.

-> Taylor Swift

The insta account of Taylor Swift is one of the very popular accounts and it has followers in millions.

No doubt, followers are bound to be in huge numbers because of her popularity. But, also the style and way of her posts are highly appreciable. The pictures are unique and classic. The captions, theme, her videos are excellent and beautiful.

You can go through her account and collect many tips and tricks!


Like hers, there are many accounts, which as done commendable job.  You can go through them and get ideas on improving yours.


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