10 Free ways to promote your business online

Small businesses really need free marketing tools and services. Small business owners must be creative, determined and compelling when promoting their business. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to promote your business online using marketing methods that will generate great results for your business without costing. You can start with creating your own free website.

Here are the most effective ways to successfully promote your business online for free.

1. Get an free website

You will find many companies, which provide free website. Here are some top companies :





Customize with free website builder, no coding skills needed. Choose a design, begin customizing and be online today. You can create a professional website, portfolio or blogs website.

2. Submit your website to various search engines like google ,yahoo, bing, ask etc

The goal of every search Engine is to discover and index all of the content available on the web to provide the best possible search experience to users. The top search engines are Google, Yahoo, bing etc, all these sites index and crawl several billion web pages at free of cost.

You can also submit sitemap to search engines via webmaster tools, each search engine have its own tools.

3. List your business in Online local directories and listings.

There are several Online directory, where you can list your business without any cost.

1. Google

2. Yahoo

3. Facebook

4. Yellowpages

5. Citysearch

6. Craiglist

7. Local.com

8. Linkedin

9. Yelp

10. Indiacom

4. Create Facebook Business Page

Creating a business page on facebook is totally free, it just take few minutes.

Let’s look at some advantages of facebook pages.

1. Reach to target audience

2. Gathered more leads

3. Increased exposure to potential customers

4. Facebook insight : Provide complete analysis of post.

5. Paid charges of facebook page is very minimum.


5. Use free email marketing offered by mail chimp, zoho email etc

1. Mailchimp : In free plans you can add 2000 Subscribers, You can sent 12,000 emails / month. Email Templates will be also available.

2. Zoho : In free plans you can add 2000 Subscribers, You can sent 12,000 emails / month. Email Templates will be also available.

6. Write blogs related to your services

Writing your own blog is great, but chances are that you can reach a broader audience by publishing your posts on blogs that already have a large readership.

7. Create informative/demo videos for customers:

Promote your expertise into informative video guides. Videos are best way to attract customers.

Here are some video samples for website services:

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuCcUg_kSZo

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRkxlmZHpGk

You can contact Infibusiness Solution for creative business design :

8. Provide discount and free services

Try to offer some discount or free services to attract subscribers and visitors. Display your services, let them try for free and if they like your services, eventually they became your regular customers. You can also them to share your services on social media.

9. Create company profile on Linkedin Network

The world’s largest business social network is great for generating new contacts, join in on industry conversations and highlight your unique professional edge. Create company page and add details and post blog regularly.

10. Take part in webinar or conference related to your services

Presenting your vision or sharing your expertise with a live audience is a superb way to find your way to the spotlight.

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