10 amazing free websites, students should not miss out!

Below mentioned are 10 amazing free websites, which charges no amount to make the most out of their amazing data. They are entirely intended to make your life easy and fun. Check out each of them and avail their incredible uses.

  1. Bibme: http://www.bibme.org/

  • This is the site which does the citation to your work. Citation tells the readers that you have used some work in your article from other source.
  • It is ethical and must to do so. By citing, you acknowledge the authors which helped you to reach at a conclusion.
  • Bibme is an excellent site where you need to feed it with information and you can download the bibliography (the list of cited material) in APA, MLA and many other formats, just copy it in your work and you are good to go.

   2. Cheatography: https://www.cheatography.com/

  • Don’t get misguided by the name. No. This site is not meant to help you copy in the exams.
  • Cheatography is a brilliant site and it jot downs all the important points you need to know on a particular topic.
  • It covers almost, I can say, all the topics possible under the Sun. It includes cheat sheets on office, business, technology, home, kitchen, food, travel, language, games and studies.
  • Download the cheat sheets in pdf formats and find yourself acknowledged in every topic.

  3. EDX: https://www.edx.org/

  • edX is a non-professional organization which provides you free online courses from renowned professional institutes such as MIT, Harvard University, Microsoft, and innumerable others.
  • You can get yourself trained under experts online and also get certified in various topics such as Cyber Security, Front-end Development, Introduction to Java, The Science of Happiness, English Grammar and Style etcetera.
  • It is user-friendly enough to get hang of topics taught. Don’t miss this site out! It is one of the best online teachers 😉

   4. CliffsNotes: https://www.cliffsnotes.com

  • CliffNotes is another site to provide you with important notes from a professional point of view.
  • You can get benefit of it whether you are in high school or in college or even in professional fields.
  • If you want to appear for GRE or SAT or CAT or any school or college exam, CliffNotes is the best place to visit for test preparation.
  • Hence, don’t miss this study guide. You can get chapter by chapter summaries or character analysis or comparative analysis. Avail the maximum benefit out of it soon.

  5. FreeBookNotes: http://www.freebooknotes.com

  • FreeBookNotes is similar to CliffNotes, but the difference is, it hunts other websites with the information you are looking for.
  • You can search for the book or textbook or chapter notes or analysis or quizzes and this site will collect information from other sites, from the entire web and presents before you the choicest data along with the cited site.
  • Hence you get everything in handy form just by searching in this site, you don’t have to go on hunting the sites but FreeBookNotes will do it for you!

   6. Koofers: https://www.koofers.com

  • Koofers is a site which infamous for practice tests, professor ratings, and for creating a forum to ask questions and doubts.
  • Get your questions answered quickly, also don’t forget the flashcards as they are wonderfully done.
  • By Koofers, Study Smarter and Not Harder!
  • Koofers can also help you in searching for internships and jobs, hence a best place for students as well as employees.

  7.Wolfram Alpha: http://www.wolframalpha.com/

  • Wolfram alpha is my personal favorite. You can call it a doubt-solver website, with respect to any context.
  • Feed it with any equation or sum you are not able to solve, and your personal doubt solver will do it in minutes.
  • Not only this site will give accurate answers, it will also explain everything pictorially by diagrams or graphs to clear your concept from roots.

   8. InnerBody: http://www.innerbody.com

  • For all the medical people, this site is for you!
  • This site has brilliant animation of the complete body and its systems. You can literally play with what is inside your body.
  • You can zoom in all the systems and understand the concepts thoroughly by 2D interaction, 3D rotation and zooming.
  • Even the non-medical people can understand things very specifically by the wonderful visualization and explanation.

   9. Albert: https://www.albert.io/test-prep/advan…

  • Albert is a remarkable site which is famous for its practice tests in almost all the disciplines possible.
  • You can have bunch of tests, go through them and have fun learning with readily available answers!
  • Very interactive, smart and useful, makes learning easier. Don’t forget to check this site out.

  10. Course-Notes: http://www.course-notes.org 

  • Course notes has chapter by chapter notes on some textbook, many of them.
  • It does all the difficult work for you, just read the notes and you are good to go!

Thus, these are some of the very good websites you can take advantage of.

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